Magical moments await when tea is brewed to perfection and friends are close at hand.
~ Beverly Terfloth (Founder and Creator)

The Taking of Tea is a leisurely event that enhances serenity, tranquility, and social conversation. Complete your Tea Taking experience by choosing from our wide collection of antique bone china tea cups and beautiful vintage hats.

The ceremony of Tea is an individual experience. One often feels compelled to observe the historical traditions of tea. Perhaps the country best known for the ceremony of tea is Great Britain. belize . However, different styles of tea are enjoyed in France, Germany, Japan, and China.

The style of Tea service at the Vintage Tea Leaf is an eclectic affair, directly influenced by our founder’s upbringing, extensive travels in Europe, eight years’ residency in Canada, and her English, Irish, and German heritage. Although the Tea Mistress enjoys the historical traditions of tea, she delights in creating and presenting, in festive ways, foods that create comfort, and that complement her first priority — the sipping of quality tea.


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